Become an Egotheist today

The term Egotheist is open for anybody. Everyone can perceive himself as god. Where does this lead? To a society full of megalomaniac people, arrogant pricks and self-righteous assholes? Quite the contrary.
If everybody perceives himself as some kind of deity, the word itself becomes meaningless. It loses its ascribed dominance, power and fear – and therefore being an Egotheist is the best and logical consequence for all of us. Egotheism is based mainly on the idea, that we, as humans, are only responsible towards ourselves and other human beings, there is nothing supernatural. Bound only by the laws of nature, we can achieve so much – without praying to anybody.
In contrast to religion or other irrational ideologies, the concept of Egotheism is completely pledged to logic, reason, science and, maybe most important, happiness instead of guilt and suffering.
About 99% of the time I ask other people, whether our world is getting better or worse, they will answer, that it’s becoming worse all the time. Death, hunger, war, illnesses, inequality, etc.
While it is easy to succumb to this view, nothing could be further from the truth.
It’s mainly a matter of perspective. Most of the people alive today are experiencing higher living standards than the ones a hundred years ago. Illiteracy rates are going down, poverty, hunger, diseases as well. The raw statistics do not support the apocalyptic view of the world most of the people tend to have.
It’s important to be aware of the amazing accomplishments the human race was able to achieve, even as sometimes all odds pointed towards its ultimate demise. Egotheism is the firm belief, that humans are capable of anything – only restricted by the laws of nature.
We have so much potential. Sometimes we use it for negative, destructive behaviour – but as history proves it over and over again, quite often we tend to cooperate in the end and achieve even more amazing goals, than we could have ever imagined.
As an Egotheist, you are aware of this kind of world-changing potential.
Egotheism is about accepting your weaknesses and developing your strengths; constant self-reflection, brutal intellectual honesty, permanent self-development and stupid jokes.
Who needs a god, when you can be one yourself?
Bound only to the laws of nature, you have the potential to change the world.
Failure is not something to be sad about, but an opportunity to build on.
If your belief is proven to be wrong, change your belief, not the proof.
Strive to make the world a better place than it was before.

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