The Great Tragedy

If you can’t sleep, write. Trivial suggestion, but since sleep and restlessness are among the demons of my existence, it doesn’t seem too wrong to at least do something useful with this time. Being frustrated in bed doesn’t change anything in the end. So, the least I can do is put down on paper some … More The Great Tragedy

Against the Odds

How to solve uncertainty? How to change the perception of linearity? I have the feeling my mind is racing all day long figuring out how talk to people about their experiences and that nobody really knows what’s going on. Well, maybe not that extreme but at least to some extent. Almost every day I read … More Against the Odds

Writer’s Darkness

It’s really happening. Taira and I will meet in about five weeks for the first time in person. It shouldn’t be hard to have a more pleasant interaction than with the last person I met this way. The bar is pretty low though. Couldn’t decide whether to write this page tonight or jump back into … More Writer’s Darkness