I just had an epiphany. Something like this could probably be the beginning of a blog article. Maybe I’ll write it one day. I don’t know. Anyway, today’s experience was pretty intense. I’ve been following the fitness blogger and motivation trainer James Fell on Facebook for a little over a year now and I bought … More Epiphany

Against the Odds

How to solve uncertainty? How to change the perception of linearity? I have the feeling my mind is racing all day long figuring out how talk to people about their experiences and that nobody really knows what’s going on. Well, maybe not that extreme but at least to some extent. Almost every day I read … More Against the Odds

The Game

There is this idea in my mind. I want to test Taleb’s idea of a barbell strategy in a domain I’m already quite familiar with: poker. A highly conservative as well as highly risky approach in this area seems like an interesting hypothesis to test. I am relatively sure that most low-stakes players are extremely … More The Game