Crackpot Monkey

Status report. New Year. First words. Like freshly fallen snow. Soaked in blood. Dramatic climax. Ruined life, ruined love,  ruined family. Everything turns to shit and I’m just standing there, apathetic. Letting it happen. I’m blogging again regularly. Mostly old stuff. I’m frustrated because the blog I’m writing with other authors has morphed into a … More Crackpot Monkey


It’s been more than a month since I last wrote here. I’ve noticed a pattern. The better I feel, the less I feel the need to write these pages. Probably because I have much less need for clarification in my head. A better life is possible. What started more than a year ago as a … More Taira


Fuck. Too much chaos in my head. Actually, wanted to write the scene featuring Lucian, started it too, but quit after a few hundred words. I just can’t get the necessary immersion in my head when there’s still too much chaos. Maybe I should write these pages here first and then head off to Sangea. … More Grey