Crackpot Monkey

Status report. New Year. First words. Like freshly fallen snow. Soaked in blood. Dramatic climax. Ruined life, ruined love,  ruined family. Everything turns to shit and I’m just standing there, apathetic. Letting it happen. I’m blogging again regularly. Mostly old stuff. I’m frustrated because the blog I’m writing with other authors has morphed into a … More Crackpot Monkey

Preventing Pain

Hell of a day. Or evening. I seriously wondered if I’d be writing something at this time of day, after all it’s almost six in the morning and I’m actually pretty tired. But somehow it just doesn’t feel right to go to sleep without having at least partially reflected on the day and especially the … More Preventing Pain

State Of Emergency

18.05.2019 For years I have been trying to answer a central question. Which is worse: extreme emotionality or a void? For years I have been searching for an answer, but so far I have not found it. Currently, however, I am tending more and more towards the latter. Pain is palpable. It is something real. … More State Of Emergency